Let Us Put Our Experience to Work with Construction Supply Services in Chicago, IL

Turek & Sons Construction Supply offers a variety of value-added services, some of which include:

Free Delivery Throughout Chicagoland, NW Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin

When you order from Turek & Sons Construction Supply, we offer free delivery right to your construction site. Call us today for more information.

Job Site Demonstrations

Are you interested in a product? One of our outside sales personnel will come to your shop or jobsite and demonstrate how it works and how it will fit with your project.

Construction Supplies from Start to Finish

Whether you’re digging up earth or putting the finishing touches on your project, we offer supplies for every stage of the construction process. You’ll never be unprepared when you order from Turek & Sons Construction Supply.

We Work with Your Design

Although we do not provide blueprint design services, we will work closely with your submittals to ensure that your project is supplied correctly.

Contact us today in Chicago, IL at 312-850-1333.

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