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With any construction project, you need the best quality tools and supplies. Turek & Sons Construction Supply helps you achieve this goal by providing you with supplies from a variety of the top brands in the industry. Shown below are just a few of over the 300+ manufacturers we’ve partnered with. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 312-850-1333. From safety equipment to hammers, Turek & Sons Construction Supply has, in our extensive inventory, the supplies you are looking for and at a competitive price.

Power Tools

  • Power Tools-01
  • Power Tools-02
  • Power Tools-03
  • Power Tools-04b


Grinders, hammers, and dust extraction


Cordless tools, lasers, and heaters

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Sawzalls, mixing drills, and Sawzall blades

Makita Tools

Cordless tools, blowers, and woodworking tools


Abrasives, grinders, and vacuum cleaners

Fein Power Tools

Caulk cutters, Multimasters, and vacuum cleaners


Brick and mortar saws


Cordless nailers, nails, and staples

Concrete Repair and Restoration

  • Concrete-01
  • Concrete-02
  • Concrete-03
  • Concrete-04


Waterproofing and protective coatings, moisture mitigation, resurfacing, and floor leveling products


Urethane and silicone sealants, repair mortars, and epoxies

J.E Tomes

Shotcrete repair mortars, tintable repair mortars, resurfacing, and floor leveling products

Rapid Set

Rapid repair mortars, grouts, DOT repair mortars, and mixes


Concrete mix, mortar mix, and pea gravel


Resurfacing and floor leveling products, repair mortars, and moisture mitigation products


  • Mason-01
  • Mason-02
  • Mason-03
  • Mason-04

Illinois Products Corp (IPCO)

Flashings, joint fillers, and mortar accelerators

Hohmann & Barnard

Drip edge, termination bar, and flashings

Construction Tie Products

Helical anchors, brick ties, and stone anchors


Portland sand and lime mortar, core fill grout, and tuckpointing mortars

Cathedral Stone

Limestone and terra cotta repair products, cleaners, repellents, strippers, and removers


Cleaners, paint and coating removers, and marble and granite care


Shims, masonry edge protectors, and grout sample boxes

Heckmann Building Products

Masonry anchors, flashing reglets, and anchor bolts

Personal Protection

  • Safety-01
  • Safety-02
  • Safety-03
  • Safety-04

Guardian Fall Protection

Harnesses, lanyards, and self-retracting lifelines


Protective eyewear, safety vests, and gloves

3M Safety

Respirators, dust masks, hard hats, and hearing protection


  • Equipment-01
  • Equipment-02
  • Equipment-03
  • Equipment-04


Generators, pumps, and snow blowers


Concrete cutters, chainsaws, and blowers

BE Pressure Supply

Pressure washers, fans, and generators

Tsurumi Pump

Pumps, generators, and hoses

Diamond Products

Core rigs, walk behind saws, and floor grinders


Concrete/masonry chain saws, diamond chains, and core rigs


  • Fasterner-01
  • Fasterner-02
  • Fasterner-03
  • Fasterner-04

Powers Fasteners

Tappers, mechanical anchors, and adhesive anchors

ITW Red Head

Screw anchors, mechanical anchors, and adhesive anchors

Elco Construction Products

Flex screws, self-drilling screws, and threaded anchors

ITW Buildex

Tapcons, self-drilling screws, and threaded anchors

Grabber Construction Products

Drywall screws, drywall carts, and joint tapes

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